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Video Laryngoscope


Video Laryngoscope

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Optimize Your First Pass Success Rate
6 blades for different-sized patients
Reduces patient lift force by 55%
Improves laryngeal views


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Expansive View

2.0-megapixel camera and 3-inch screen provide detailed views that make intubation easier.

Flexible Design

Viewing screen rotates in
 all directions.


The CR-31 video laryngoscope has received IPX7 waterproof certification.


Unit is made from cutting-edge, medical-grade alloy for reliability.


This laryngoscope offers stability through an ergonomic design. It is easy to hold and easy to insert.


Camera lens includes advanced anti-fogging technology for clearer laryngeal views.

Rechargeable Battery

Unit comes with universal USB recharging capability. It also has a low battery prompt and intelligent automatic shutdown to save power.

One-Click Control

Push a button to take pictures or record video while the device is in use.

Conveniently Adapts to Patients of All Sizes

With six easily interchangeable blades, this powerful video laryngoscope can be counted on to work with all types of patients – from newborns to the elderly, from thin patients to overweight patients.
video laryngoscope image

Visual Video Laryngoscope

Quick And Easy To Use
Light & Portable icon
Light & Portable
6 LED ring lights icon
6 LED ring lights
HD large screen icon
HD large screen
Image Video icon
Image / Video
Rotation icon
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Adult & Child
16GB Capacity icon
16GB Capacity
USB Output icon
USB Output

Why the Reusable Video
Laryngoscope is Your Best Choice

This reusable video laryngoscope offers a number of advantages
compared to plastic and fiber optic laryngoscopes as shown below


Group 3290
No visibility
Group 3290
Low success rate
Group 3290
Long operation time
Group 3290
Serious tissue injury
Group 3290
Low mechanical strength

Fiber optic 

Group 3290
Poor visibility
Group 3290
Limited success rate
Group 3290
Long operation time
Group 3290
Large tissue injury
Group 3290
Single function

Reusable Video 

Group 3290 (1)
Real-time HD imaging visibility
Group 3290 (1)
High success rate
Group 3290 (1)
Simple operation
Group 3290 (1)
Minor tissue injury
Group 3290 (1)
Multi record function
Group 3290 (1)
Intubation completed faster
Group 3290 (1)
Highly durable and reliable

Up-Close Look at Video Laryngoscope

Check out the many features of the CR-31 video laryngoscope, which is known for improving first-pass success rates.
Display - 3" LCD Full View
Resolution Ratio - 1280*720 (RGB)
Viewing Angle - ≥60°
Power - ≤2W
Display front and back left & right rotation angle - 0°~150, 0°~270°
Weight - 225g
Illuminance - ≥400 LUX
Resolution Ratio - 1280*720 px
Image/Video Function
Image / Video function - Yes
Output - USB output,automatic overage of full record Easy to storage and establish image/video.
Memory type - Micro SD card 16GB
Battary type - Rechargeable lithium battery
Capacity - 1500mAh
Cycle life of battary - >500 times
Battary working time - >200min
Charging time - <3(hrs)
Charging port - Micro USB
Power Adapter
Input - 100-250V, 50 Hz.
Output - 5V1A

Primary Reasons for Intubation
With A Laryngoscope

There are many situations where intubation with an
endotracheal tube, or laryngoscope, is required. Some of
the most common include:
Group 3290 (1)
Before undergoing surgery
Group 3290 (1)
Prior to anesthesia
Group 3290 (1)
After suffering trauma
Group 3290 (1)
Treating serious illness
Group 3290 (1)
Under heavy sedation
Group 3290 (1)
Foreign body removal
Group 3290 (1)
Protecting the airway
Group 3290 (1)
Viewing airway abnormalities
Group 3290 (1)
Breathing difficulty relief
Group 3290 (1)
Increasing oxygen concentration

Order Your “Video 
Laryngoscope” Now

Designed for first pass success

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