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DE-3100 Dermatoscope


DE-3100 Dermatoscope

Clearer Views of Skin Lesions

The uniquely designed DE-3100 dermatoscope delivers
powerful optics in a convenient handheld device.


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FDA Cleared For Men & Women
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2-Year Warranty
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10-27% increase in accuracy icon

10-27% increase in accuracy

It’s hard to diagnose what you can’t see. This dermatoscope brilliantly illuminates skin lesions allowing for a 10% to 27% increase in diagnostic accuracy.
Saves Time & Money icon

Saves Time & Money

Utilizing this dermatoscope reduces unnecessary biopsies – reducing the operational costs of invasive examinations and greatly increasing patient satisfaction.
Affordable Cost icon

Affordable Cost

Even with its high-quality, cutting-edge features and efficient operation, this dermoscope is surprisingly affordable.
Faster Results icon

Faster Results

Quick access to skin test results to help doctors make a reasonable differential diagnosis.

Key Features

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10X Magnification
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Choose from 3 brightness levels
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Choose from polarized and non-polarized light
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Low distortion macro lens (32mm)
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Rechargeable lithium ion battery
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Automatic shutoff to prolong battery life
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Removable face plate for easy cleaning
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90° Cross Polarized
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Distortion < 2%
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Precise Imaging

Carefully calibrated to highlight skin lesion features, this powerful, easy-to-use dermoscope provides excellent edge-to-edge brightness and magnification. No aberrations (spherical or chromatic).

Polarization Modes

Switch between polarized and non-polarized modes with a button push. In the polarized mode, the polarization filter is activated to absorb surface light reflection. Also, this unit has 3 brightness levels.

No Cross-contamination

The unit comes with an exterior glass face plate that can be easily removed for cleaning to prevent cross-contamination.

Smartphone Compatibility

You can attach the DE-3100 to any smartphone with a universal lens clip. Illuminate skin lesions for viewing and take clear pictures in a matter of seconds.

Conveniently Portable

The DE-3100 dermatoscope is light and easy-to-carry. You can put it in your pocket and take it out when needed. Also, this dermoscope fits comfortably in the palm of your hand for easy operation.

Elegant Design

This dermatoscope is expertly designed to be highly functional and simple to use. The compact design also makes it easy to hold. The unit is light while containing state-of-the-art features for optimal performance.

Identify Potential Skin Problems Sooner!

The clarity offered by this dermoscope allows users to more easily check skin lesions. Look for lesions that:
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Get bigger
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Change shape
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Change color
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Bleed or crust-over
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Are itchy or sore

What is in the box

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Dermatoscope — 1
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Magnet attachment — 1
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Universal clip — 1
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Clean cloth — 1
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Pouch — 1
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User manual — 1


Exactly how precise is a dermatoscope?
According to reports, a dermatoscope's sensitivity can range from 60% to 100%, depending on a number of variables, including the examiners' level of competence and the analyzed lesions' diagnostic difficulty. Dermoscopy increases the melanoma diagnosis' accuracy, but it cannot take the place of a histopathologic examination.
What is the main benefit of a dermatoscope?
It allows you to more easily see dermoscopic patterns associated with the following pigmented skin lesions: melanoma; moles, freckles, atypical and blue naevi, seborrheic keratosis, pigmented basal cell carcinoma, and haemangioma.
What is a dermatoscope?
A dermatoscope, which can also be called a dermoscope, is a device that makes it easier to evaluate skin. A dermatoscope illuminates and magnifies, similar to an ophthalmoscope or an otoscope.

It is a portable visual tool that medical professionals and patients can use to inspect and diagnose skin conditions like melanoma. Additionally, it enables people to examine their nails, hair, and scalp.
How does melanoma appear under a dermatoscope?
In contrast to the normal parallel furrow pattern, it presents a broad parallel ridge pattern on the dermis.
When should a dermoscopy be performed?
A dermatoscope, or dermoscope, is typically used to discover malignant skin lesions, such as basal cell carcinoma or melanoma. The device magnifies and lights the skin lesion, enabling the doctor to observe structures that are hidden from view by the human eye.

Get Your “DE-3100”Now

10-27% inceease in accuracy
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