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Hair Growth Laser Cap


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Hair Growth Laser Cap

Powerful, FDA-Cleared Hair Growth Technology

Wear our unique laser cap to stimulate hair follicles 
and grow thicker, healthier hair.
(2546 reviews)
Our “272 Diodes Hair Growth Cap” is our best seller !


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Average Delivery Time is 7-14 Business days
FDA Cleared For Men & Women
FDA Cleared 
For Men & Women
6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Worldwide Shipping
1-Year Warranty

The Science Behind HairPro Laser Caps

LLLT, or low level laser (light) therapy, promotes hair growth
in two powerful ways:
It spurs hair follicle growth by waking them from hibernation and returning them to health. It also prolongs their growth cycle.
LLLT Technology 1
It blocks DHT synthesis to provide more energy to hair follicles and it aids in producing NO, ATP and ROS, which are all vital for hair follicle growth and health.
LLLT Technology 2
Grow Thicker Hair & Look Younger

Ransform Your Appearance!

Your hair is one of the first things people see when meeting you. Ensure you make a great first impression with beautiful, lustrous hair that draws attention for all the right reasons. Your confidence and self-esteem will soar!
Decrease scalp oiliness icon
scalp oiliness
Strengthen hair follicles icon
hair follicles
Slow scalp aging icon
Slow scalp
Stop hair loss icon
Stop hair 
Nourish hair & scalp icon
Nourish hair & 
Revitalize damaged hair icon
damaged hair
Regrow your hair icon
Regrow your
Grow hair faster icon
Grow hair 
Utilize latest technology icon
Utilize latest 
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Stop Unwanted Hair Loss!

HairPro Laser Caps are highly effective for those experiencing hair-loss in levels 1-5 below. Results vary for those in levels 6 & 7.
levels 1-5 hair regrowth image

When to Use HairPro Laser Caps

Our laser caps are great for treating:
Oily hair and scalp

Oily hair 
and scalp

A receding hairline

A receding 

Hair that is greasy

Hair that 
is greasy

Hair that is thinning

Hair that is 

Hair loss along a part-line

Hair loss along 
a part-line

Growing bald spots

Growing bald 

Hair loss from stress

Hair loss from 

Hair loss in the shower

Hair loss in the 

Daily hair loss

Daily hair 

Enjoy Thicker, Fuller Hair With HairPro
Get Your Hair Back!
Watch this video to see how our laser caps work!

Give Your Hair New Life!

HairPro Laser Caps utilize 5mW low-energy laser light delivered in 650mm wavelengths to penetrate the scalp up to 3 to 5mm. This maximizes ATP activity and ensures hair follicle roots are strengthened.
before hairpro
√ icon
Hair is thin & brittle
√ icon
Follicles show atrophy
√ icon
Scalp is oily
after hairpro
√ icon
Follicles activated
√ icon
Oil is reduced
√ icon
Hair grows healthier
after six months hairpro
√ icon
Hair regrowth
√ icon
Thicker, healthier follicles
√ icon
Less oil, stronger roots
Treatments Take 30 Minutes!
No Need to Disrupt Your Schedule

Treatments Take Just Minutes!

Just wear a HairPro Laser Cap for 30 minutes every other day. The caps are even programmed to automatically turn off.

Bathe Your Hair in Light!

HairPro Laser Caps feature a unique grid layout that ensures restoring laser light reaches every part of your scalp!
Bathe Your Hair Light

Three Caps to Choose From

Simply choose the hat that works best for your current situation.
Best Value
81 hairpro laser cap

HairPro 81

Total Power:405mW
81 Laser Diodes
Features 81 laser diodes for expansive scalp coverage. Ideal for early-stage 
hair loss.
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148 hairpro laser cap

HairPro 148

Total Power:740mW
148 Laser Diodes
Features 148 laser diodes for greater light intensity and coverage. A high-strength hair loss treatment.
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Most Popular
272 hairpro laser cap

HairPro 272

Total Power:1360mW
272 Laser Diodes
Our most powerful, and effective, laser cap. Features 272 laser diodes for full-scalp hair restoration.
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Wear Your Laser Cap Anytime, Anywhere!

You can wear HairPro while you are doing other activities – like walking or driving.
Flexible & Convenient laser cap

HairPro is Flexible & Convenient

You can also remove the inner cap and insert it into any outer cap you want.
Real HairPro Transformations

Actual User Results

HairPro has been producing exciting results for men and women around the world. Take a look and see for yourself:
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Do HairPro laser caps work for both men and women?
Yes. The FDA has approved our laser cap technology to promote hair growth in both men and women. Due to the amazing mix of men and women who are among our customers, we have a ton of success stories for all sexes.
What HairPro Laser Cap produces the best outcome?
The maximum scalp coverage of any laser cap on the market is provided by the Hairpro 272. Additionally, it has FDA approval for encouraging hair growth in both men and women.
How long before I start to see results?
The degree of hair loss when you start can influence the results. Cells are where hair growth starts. After wearing the hairpro laser cap as recommended, the majority of users typically observe changes within four to five months. After around six months, the hair will often be fuller, thicker, and healthier.
Will the HairPro Laser Cap cause me any pain?
No. The use of our caps won't cause you to feel any pain at all. For the majority of patients, it is a very soothing and healing experience.
Why should I use HairPro rather than visit a doctor's office?
With results comparable to or superior to most clinic lasers, the HairPro system is one of the most potent and complete hair growth systems created for home usage. Plus, our system is also super convenient. You can use HairPro anytime and anywhere you want, even at home, the office, and while driving!
How long does it take a laser cap to activate your hair follicles?
Results can usually be seen in as little as 4 to 6 months. All models of HairPro use top-notch laser and pulsing light for superior outcomes.
Do doctors recommend using LLLT to encourage hair growth?
Yes. Dermatologists and other medical professionals have been recommending LLLT for individuals with androgenetic alopecia for many years in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
What are the effects of low-level laser light therapy on hair growth?
Hair is continually growing, resting, shedding its old hair shaft, and then starting over. With pattern hair loss, the hair gradually gets lighter and thinner with each cycle of growth. Up until the hair follicle atrophies, the cycle is repeated.

Low-level laser therapy increases cellular respiration, which prolongs the growth phase of the hair and shortens the dormant state. This causes the hair to regrow thicker and darker, and the hair loss to be prevented, reversed, or slowed down.
In the event that my HairPro cap stops working properly, is there a warranty?
Your HairPro cap is covered by warranty for a year following the date of purchase. It guards against manufacturing flaws and poor craftsmanship. Please get in touch with our customer service team if your cap stops working within this time frame so we can assist you with your warranty return.
Are laser caps safe to wear?
Yes! The FDA has cleared and deemed all HairPro laser caps safe. Hairpro laser caps for hair growth are categorized as Class II medical devices and have been shown to be both safe and effective for usage at home in clinical studies. This indicates that they meet the strict quality and safety requirements established by the FDA.
Why not employ LEDs?
Many laser hair rejuvenation caps with LEDs are available on the laser cap market. The issue with LEDs is that they use less power, which prevents them from penetrating deeper tissues. However, to guarantee you receive adequate coverage, deep tissue stimulation, and long-lasting benefits, all HairPro products use laser diodes.

Lasers have been shown to be the most successful in treating hair loss at its source, malnourished hair follicles. Because of this, we use NO LEDs in our hats.
Why do hair growth caps outperform alternative hair growth remedies?
Let’s take a closer look at alternative solutions:

1. Customary shampoo for hair growth
Low-cost, effective in getting rid of oil and dandruff, but unable to address the underlying issue of aberrant sebaceous gland secretion brought on by hair follicle atrophy.

2. Sprays and drugs for hair growth
Drugs for hair growth are unquestionably helpful, but they come with a lot of adverse effects and are challenging to use consistently.

3. Hair transplantation
Hair follicle transplantation is pricy, uncomfortable, and it's challenging to ensure that the implant will survive.

4. LLLT laser therapy in a hospital.
Costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive treatment.

5. An electric laser therapy device (like a cap)
This approach is both simple to carry and use. It reduces the cost of treatment while eliminating the cause of hair follicle atrophy.
Laser cap specs image
Laser Diodes
81,148,272 (Optional)
Laser Wavelength
Per diode output
What is in the box
1 * laser cap
1 * battery pack
1 * wall charger
1 * baseball hat
1 * carrying case
1 * user manual
Full Specs

Get Your Laser Cap Now!

Transform your appearance with stronger, healthier, more lustrous hair. HairPro Laser Caps work fast and are backed by a six-month guarantee.
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More about our products

6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee
Warm Tips
Usage Steps

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Thomas (Cambridge, US)
Highly Recommend !

I was hesitant to purchase a laser cap because of the cost, but now I am so happy that I did. Wearing this cap has helped my hair loss more than anything else I’ve tried – and I’ve tried just about everything. When I looked at my before and after photos, I was shocked by the progress I had made in so little time. My hair is much thicker and more lustrous.

John R. Havens (San Jose, US)
Great Product!

This cap has made an amazing difference in my appearance. My hair was thin and damaged looking, and since I’ve started wearing this hat every other day, my hair is now thicker and healthier. My wife and others have told me I look 10 to 15 years younger! I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

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6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee
Because we want you to be completely satisfied with the Hairpro Laser Cap, if you are not satisfied with the results and request a return, we will deduct 25% of the purchase price as a depreciation charge.

Since results depend on long-term use as directed, you must use the product for at least 180 days before you can request a return. If you use the laser cap for 180 days as directed and are not satisfied with the results, Please contact us at [email protected] within 30 days after the end of the 180-day period.

For example, if you receive the product on January 1, use it through June 30, and are not satisfied, you must submit a return request to us via email between July 1 and July 30. When we receive your return request, we will tell you the return address and you will be responsible for paying the cost of the return. The product must be in the same condition as when you received it, except for normal wear and tear.
Warm Tips
Tip 1 : It is recommended to wash and dry your hair before the operation (dry hair for best results).

Tip 2 : Applying anything to the hair before, during, or after the procedure is unnecessary.

Tip 3 : Using the product 3 times a week (better every other day) is recommended, 30 mins each time.

Tip 4 : Please use for 16 weeks continuously and then decide whether to continue according to the hair growth.

Perhaps you may wonder why the cap is the Peninsula logo, but our model designation is Hairpro.

Because these two logos are the same product, of the same company.

If you like the Hairpro logo, then after you place an order, you can contact us to send you the Hairpro package.

The default is to send the peninsula logo and packaging.
Usage Steps
Just Follow These 4 Simple Steps

Step 1 – Connect the cap to a power source using the USB cable. An indicator sound notifies you it is on.

Step 2 – Put the laser cap on your head. The indicator noise now sounds twice. This means the cap is working.

Step 3 – After the 30 minute treatment session, the indicator noise sounds three times and the cap turns off.
Avoid using if you have epilepsy, are black, have light sensitivity, or are pregnant.

There will be a slight heat sensation when using the electric laser hair growth instrument, but this is a normal phenomenon, so there is no need to worry.

This device uses a low energy laser with a 650nm wavelength to stimulate the root of the hair follicle, activate the hair follicle, and promote scalp blood circulation.

After receiving light therapy, please wipe the inside of the hair growth device with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball or damp tissue to keep it clean and lessen light deterioration.
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