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3D Portable Bladder Scanner KaiXin BVT01


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3D Portable Bladder Scanner KaiXin BVT01

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Receive precise bladder volume measurements from
convenient, ultra-portable next-gen device


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Fast Clear Imaging icon

Fast, Clear Imaging

Ultrasonic waves produce accurate measurements of bladder volume noninvasively
Proper Assessment icon

Proper Assessment

Determine pre-operative and post-operative urinary retention quickly
Avoid Catheterization icon

Avoid Catheterization

Reduce the frequency of often difficult-to-perform catheterizations
Reduce Infection Risk icon

Reduce Infection Risk

Dramatically lower the risk of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections
Save Time & Money icon

Save Time & Money

Using a portable scanner saves time, reduces costs, and improves organizational efficiency
Improved Care icon

Improved Care

Accurate scans foster improved care while also increasing patient comfort and satisfaction
Boost Morale icon

Boost Morale

Staff job satisfaction grows with fewer catheterizations and reduced patient pain
Protect Dignity icon

Protect Dignity

Patients are spared from painful catheterizations with a solution that is fast and easy

Clinical Gallary

Ultrasonic waves produce accurate measurements of bladder volume noninvasively
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Key Features to know

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3D scanning automatically delivers accurate bladder volume
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2D prescan, shows 2D bladder image, to accurately locate the bladder
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5.7” colour LCD touch screen
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Scan time <4 seconds
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View 12 color image frames per bladder scan
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Powerful rechargeable battery (lithium) lasts 7+ hours
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Supports six languages, including English & Spanish
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Patient privacy protected via high-grade encryption
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Easy to operate due to handheld probe’s scan switch
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Easy to set probe movement indication function
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USB port for data storage & software updates
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Scan penetration depth up to 15 cm
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Store up to 100 patient cases
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Free lifetime software updates

Real-Time Image Printing

This portable bladder scanner makes things even easier and more convenient thanks to a built-in thermal printer that allows operators to directly print images and results in real time.
bladder scanner printing

Receive Precise Measurements

Reduce the chances for measurement error due to probe movement, with this fast-acting portable bladder scanner that acquires image data in less than 4 seconds.

Choose Your Measurement Method

Set the scanner to auto to instantly receive precise measurement calculations for any anomaly or set it to manual to use the touch pen to set the measurement area yourself.
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The Portable Bladder Scanner in Action

Get an up-close look at the bladder scanner and how it is revolutionizing bladder volume measurement with its fast, easy, precise results.

Portable Bladder Scanner Applications

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Medical Service
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Operation Room
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Recovery Room
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Intensive Care
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Extended Care
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Home health
spec bladder scanner
20ml to 99ml accuracy Error ≤±15ml
100ml-999ml accuracy Error ≤±15%
5.7-inch color LCD touch screen
3 year
What is in the box
Standard Configuration
- Main unit
- 2.5Mhz 3D probe
- Power adapter
- Internal battery
- Charger
- Touch pen

Optional Configuration
- Foot swith
- Battery charger
- Verification cup
Full Specs

Why Bladder Scanner is the Best Option

Among the four main ways to measure bladder volume, the portable bladder scanner clearly stands out.


Produces accurate measurements but is difficult to perform, associated with causing frequent infections, and known for being painful for patients.


Large ultrasound machines are known for being inaccurate and inconvenient for both staff and patients.


Produces inaccurate data and is not a well-respected scan method, which could lead to patient-doctor disputes.

Portable Bladder Scanner

Delivers fast, accurate measurements that can be printed and archived. It is also convenient to use and non-invasive to ensure patient comfort.


What is revealed by a bladder scanner?
A bladder scanner uses ultrasonic waves to distinguish the urinary bladder from surrounding tissue. It is a portable, noninvasive technology for the evaluation, control, and treatment of urine outflow dysfunction.
How would a nurse use the bladder scanner?
A bladder scan enables a nurse to gauge how much urine is being held in the bladder through noninvasive means. It is a dependable, painless, and safe treatment. In comparison, urinary catheterization is invasive and can cause discomfort and pain. Catheterization can also increase of an infection that extends into the patient's bladder.
How exactly is a bladder ultrasound done?
An ultrasound of the bladder is performed using a painless, non-invasive technique. The sonographer places a transparent gel on the area of the patient's abdomen between the navel and pelvis before pressing the transducer against the skin.
Why are bladder scanners needed by urologists?
After removing an indwelling catheter, bladder scanning can be utilized to assess a patient's capacity and degree of voiding. Bladder scanning can also determine the level of retention and provide data that can help the physician determine whether additional testing or treatment is required.
Does the BVT01 device require any training?
Most medical professionals are able to utilize this portable bladder scanner right away because it is so simple to operate. To help you understand how to make the most of the equipment, we do offer an operator's manual and how-to videos.
Why are bladder scanners necessary?
Without a bladder scanner, urine retention is typically evaluated using an intrusive "in and out" urinary catheterization, which can be painful and directly increase the risk of infection for the patient by introducing more germs into the bladder.
What exactly is measured by a bladder scanner?
Utilizing ultrasonography, the bladder scanner provides a non-invasive way to measure bladder volume. The volume is measured after the patient or client voids. The probe is then positioned over the bladder's location on the outside of the abdomen.

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Portable Bladder Scanner
3D scanning actomatically delivers accurate bladder volume.
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Sandra (Edison, US)
Bladder Scanner

This 3D ultrasound portable bladder scanner has saved us time and streamlined workflow. Our work is more organized, and we can get the important data we need. Recommend!

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