Top 8 Portable Ultrasound For Veterinary | How to Choose

by James Brown

Updated October 20, 2023


Portable ultrasound is a device that uses sound waves to create pictures of the inside of our bodies. It's called "portable" because it's designed to be lightweight and easy to carry around.

The veterinarian or technician holds a small probe, like a wand, against the animal's body. This probe sends out sound waves, which are harmless to the animal. These sound waves travel through the animal's body and bounce back when they encounter different tissues and organs.
The portable ultrasound device receives these bouncing sound waves and turns them into pictures on a screen. These pictures, called ultrasound images or sonograms, show the veterinarian the shape, size, and condition of the animal's internal organs.

Portable ultrasound for veterinary use is beneficial because it helps veterinarians diagnose animal health problems. It allows them to see if there are any issues with the animal's organs, such as the heart, liver, kidneys, or reproductive system.

The device's portability is essential because veterinarians often travel to different locations, like farms or ranches, to treat animals. The portable ultrasound allows them to bring the necessary equipment and perform examinations on-site. It makes it easier for veterinarians to provide accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatments.

1.DAWEI Portable Veterinary Ultrasound

DAWEI Portable Veterinary Ultrasound image
Price: $1,700
Ce certification
2-Year Free Warranty
Free Shipping
14 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
IPX7 Waterproof
This ultrasound model is specifically designed for veterinarians to examine animals. It's a device that helps veterinarians see inside an animal's body and diagnose health issues.

Features of DAWEI Portable Veterinary Ultrasound:

Portable: Its lightweight nature allows veterinarians to conveniently bring it to different locations, such as clinics, farms, or even remote areas, ensuring quick and efficient examinations.

High-Quality Imaging: The Portable Dawei Veterinary Ultrasound provides precise and high-quality imaging capabilities. 

Versatile Applications: This ultrasound device is suitable for various veterinary applications. It can be used for abdominal examinations, reproductive evaluations, cardiac assessments, and more. Its versatility allows veterinarians to address various diagnostic needs within their practice.

User-Friendly Interface: The device features a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use controls and a clear display. The intuitive interface allows veterinarians to quickly navigate different functions and adjust settings, making examinations more efficient.

Durable and Reliable: The ultrasound device is built to be durable and reliable, ensuring its longevity and consistent performance. Its sturdy construction can withstand the demands of veterinary practice, providing veterinarians with a dependable tool for their diagnostic needs.

2.iQ+ Vet butterflynetwork

iQ+ Vet ( image
Price: $2,999 + Membership
Diagnostic imaging for every animal
The Butterfly iQ Vet ultrasound is a user-friendly and portable device that provides clear and detailed images for veterinarians. With its ease of use and advanced imaging capabilities, this ultrasound model can significantly benefit veterinarians in providing excellent care to their animal patients.
Features of NEW iQ+ Vet ultrasound:

Single Probe, Multiple Functions: One of the standout features of the Butterfly iQ Vet ultrasound is its single-probe design. The probe can perform various scans, including linear, curved, and phased array imaging. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple probes, making it convenient and cost-effective.

Butterfly Cloud Connectivity: The Butterfly iQ Vet ultrasound has cloud connectivity. This allows veterinarians to securely store, review, and share ultrasound images and data with colleagues or specialists remotely. It facilitates collaboration and enables real-time consultations, improving veterinary care.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistance: The ultrasound device integrates artificial intelligence to assist veterinarians during examinations. It provides guidance and automated measurements, helping to improve efficiency and accuracy in interpreting ultrasound images.

Whole-Body Imaging: With the Butterfly iQ Vet ultrasound, veterinarians can perform whole-body imaging. It means they can visualize and assess multiple organs and structures within the animal's body using a single probe, enhancing the diagnostic capabilities.

User-Friendly Mobile App: A user-friendly mobile app accompanies the Butterfly iQ Vet ultrasound. The app serves as a control interface and image viewer, allowing veterinarians to adjust settings, review images, and store patient data conveniently on their mobile devices.

3.Clarius Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machine C7 Vet image
Portable & Wireless
$3,595 + $595.00 /yr For Membership,Learn More
This ultrasound model is specifically designed for veterinarians to examine animals.
Features of Clarius veterinary ultrasound:

Wireless and Portable: The Clarius ultrasound is wireless and portable, allowing veterinarians to move around with the device easily. It eliminates the hassle of cables and provides the freedom to perform examinations in different locations, including clinics, farms, or even outdoor settings.

High-Quality Imaging: Despite its small size, the Clarius veterinary ultrasound delivers high-quality imaging. It utilizes advanced technology to provide clear, detailed images of an animal's internal organs. This allows veterinarians to make accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions.

Water-Resistant and Durable: The Clarius ultrasound is designed to withstand challenging veterinary environments. It is water-resistant and built with durability in mind, making it suitable for use in various conditions and ensuring it can withstand the demands of veterinary practice.

Multi-Modal Imaging: With the Clarius veterinary ultrasound, veterinarians can access multiple imaging modes. They can switch between scanning modes, such as B-mode, color Doppler, and M-mode, to gather comprehensive information about an animal's condition.

4.Draminski 4Vet blue

Draminski 4Vet Blue image
Price: $11,935
The Draminski 4Vet Blue is an innovative veterinary ultrasound model that offers advanced features for animal healthcare professionals. This portable ultrasound device is designed specifically for veterinary use and provides reliable imaging capabilities for various applications. This ultrasound model is specifically designed for use in livestock breeding. It helps farmers and breeders assess their animals' reproductive health and breeding status.

Features of Draminski 4Vet Blue:

Dual-Mode Capability: This ultrasound device has a dual-mode capability, allowing farmers to choose between B-mode and M-mode imaging. B-mode provides a two-dimensional image of the reproductive organs, while M-mode displays motion patterns, aiding in assessing fetal health and movement.

Wireless Connectivity: The Livestock Breeding Ultrasound is equipped with wireless connectivity options. Farmers can conveniently transfer images and data to their computers or mobile devices for further analysis or sharing with veterinary professionals or colleagues.

Customized Breeding Management Software: The ultrasound comes with customized breeding management software. This software allows farmers to record and track breeding data, including insemination dates, pregnancy status, and reproductive history, helping to streamline and improve breeding management practices.

Robust and Portable Design: The ultrasound device is designed to withstand the challenges of farm environments. It is built to be robust and durable, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding conditions. Additionally, its portable design allows farmers to easily carry and use it in various locations on the farm.

5.Handheld Veterinary Probe Vet-2

Full Digital Vet Ultrasound Scanner Vet-2 image
Price: $2,035
15 Months Warranty
The Sonosif Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (Vet-2) - is a user-friendly and portable ultrasound device specifically designed for veterinary use. This handheld scanner offers advanced features to assist veterinarians in diagnosing and examining animals.

Features of Vet-2:

Wireless Connectivity: The Vet-2 has built-in wireless connectivity, allowing veterinarians to connect the scanner to their smartphones or tablets. This enables real-time image transmission, remote control, and easy sharing of ultrasound scans with colleagues or clients.

Full Digital Imaging Technology: The Vet-2 utilizes full digital imaging technology, which ensures superior image quality and clarity. It provides veterinarians with detailed, high-resolution ultrasound images for accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.

Multi-Probe Compatibility: This ultrasound scanner is compatible with multiple probe options. It offers a range of probe sizes and frequencies, allowing veterinarians to choose the most suitable probe for different animal sizes and specific imaging requirements.

Advanced Imaging Modes: The Vet-2 offers various imaging modes, including B-mode, M-mode, and Doppler mode. These modes allow veterinarians to assess different aspects of animal health, such as organ structure, blood flow, and cardiac function, providing comprehensive diagnostic information.

Compact and Portable Design: The Vet-2 is designed to be lightweight and portable. Its compact size allows veterinarians to carry it easily and perform ultrasound examinations in various locations, both in-clinic and in the field.


kx5200 image
5.7" High Resolution color LCD
USB Port
The KX5200 Wrist Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner from Kaixin Ultrasound. This compact and lightweight ultrasound device is designed for veterinary use, providing convenience and flexibility for veterinarians in their daily practice.
Features of KX5200:

Wrist Design: The KX5200 features a distinctive wrist design, allowing veterinarians to wear the scanner on their wrists. This hands-free approach provides enhanced mobility and flexibility during examinations, making maneuvering and reaching different areas of the animal's body easier.

Portable and Lightweight: This ultrasound scanner is designed to be highly portable and lightweight. It's compact size and light construction enables veterinarians to carry it effortlessly between locations, such as clinics, farms, or even remote areas. This portability ensures convenience and immediate care for animals in various settings.

Versatile Imaging Modes: The KX5200 offers a range of imaging modes, including B-mode, M-mode, and built-in color Doppler. These modes allow veterinarians to examine different aspects of animal health, such as organ structure, motion, and blood flow. The versatility of imaging modes enables comprehensive diagnostic assessments.

Long Battery Life: The KX5200 has a long-lasting battery, ensuring extended operating time without frequent recharging. This extended battery life is particularly beneficial during lengthy veterinary procedures or working in areas without access to power outlets. It allows veterinarians to focus on their examinations without interruption.


BMV MX5 BW Portable Ultrasound Scanner image
IPX7 Waterproof Design
The BMV MX5 BW Portable Ultrasound Scanner for Livestock Animal Scanning is available at iVetSupply. This ultrasound scanner is specifically designed for livestock applications, providing veterinarians and farmers with a valuable tool for examining and monitoring animals' health.

Features of BMV MX5:

Livestock-Specific Design: The MX5 BW is specifically designed for livestock applications, catering to the unique needs of veterinarians and farmers involved in managing large animals such as cows, sheep, and goats. Its features and capabilities are optimized for livestock reproductive management and health monitoring.

Portable and Lightweight: This ultrasound scanner is designed to be highly portable and lightweight. Its portability ensures convenience and enables efficient animal scanning, regardless of the environment.

Clear and High-Quality Imaging: The MX5 BW uses advanced imaging technology to deliver clear, high-quality ultrasound images. It allows veterinarians and farmers to visualize and assess the reproductive system, enabling accurate diagnoses and reproductive health evaluations.

Large Display Screen: The scanner is equipped with a large screen, providing a clear and detailed view of the ultrasound images. The large screen enhances image interpretation, making it easier for users to analyze the scans and make informed decisions regarding animal health management.

Versatility in Livestock Applications: The scanner can be used for various livestock applications, including reproductive management, pregnancy detection, monitoring follicles, and overall health assessment. It provides valuable insights into the reproductive health and well-being of the herd.

8.Portable vet ultrasound scanner MSLVU40

MSLVU40 image
Ergonomic Design
Up to 3 Transducer Ports
Light Weight and Compact
Large Anti‐flickering HD Screen
Long‐lasting Battery
The MSLVU40 Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Machine is a reliable and versatile veterinarian tool. Its ease of use, clear imaging capabilities, versatile applications, portability, large display screen, multiple probe options, and long battery life facilitates efficient and accurate diagnoses, contributing to optimal animal care.

Features of MSLVU40 :

Advanced Imaging Technology: This ultrasound scanner utilizes advanced imaging technology to produce clear and high-quality ultrasound images. It employs advanced signal processing techniques and image enhancement algorithms, ensuring detailed visualization of internal structures for accurate diagnoses.

Large and Clear Display: The scanner has a large screen that offers a clear and detailed view of ultrasound images. The large screen enhances image interpretation, allowing veterinarians to observe subtle details and abnormalities easily.

Multiple Probe Options: The MSLVU40 offers multiple probe options, allowing veterinarians to select the most suitable probe for different animal sizes and imaging needs. This flexibility ensures optimal image quality and diagnostic capabilities across various examinations.

Long Battery Life: With its long-lasting battery, the MSLVU40 provides extended usage without frequent recharging. This is particularly advantageous when access to power outlets may be limited, ensuring uninterrupted scanning sessions.

How To Choose Which One To Buy

Choosing the best veterinary ultrasound machine involves considering several key factors. Firstly, determine the purpose and applications you require the machine for, such as small or large animal medicine or reproductive management. Next, prioritize image quality by assessing resolution, depth penetration, and imaging technology.

Probe options are crucial, so ensure the machine offers suitable probes for your intended examinations and animal sizes. Considering features and display size, consider whether you need a portable machine for fieldwork or a stationary one for a clinic. User-friendliness is essential, so look for intuitive interfaces, straightforward controls, and customizable settings.
Battery life matters, particularly for portability, and having power options like AC and car adapters is beneficial. Check the machine's connectivity for easy data transfer to external devices or software systems for storage and analysis.

Training resources and technical support are valuable for maximizing machine functionality. Define a budget and compare options within your range, considering features, quality, and reputation.

Lastly, reading reviews and seeking recommendations from trusted sources or colleagues can provide valuable insights into the machine's performance and reliability.
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