12+Red Light Therapy and Its Hidden Benefits

by James Brown

Updated November 3, 2023


Red light therapy is a recent health treatment that has been introduced to treat health concerns such as muscle recovery, psoriasis and even to help promote the production of collagen. There are different forms of red light therapy from face masks to lamps and even beds. This treatment works by exposing your face to low levels of Infared lighting.

Although there are various benefits of using red light therapy, as with other medical treatments, they do pose risks to your health such as burns or retina damage.

The Science of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has been designed to help renew cells. Scientists discovered that different wavelengths of Infared light can work with the skin to renew cells and positively alter how they function. If red light is shone onto the skin in wavelengths between 620 and 750 nanometers, then the skin can start to show vast improvements.
How quickly you visually see the improvement of using redlight therapy depends on the reason you're using the treatment. For example, if you’re using it for a brighter complexion, you may notice this difference after just one session. If you’re using red light therapy for muscle recovery, you may find that this may take a few sessions.

The Benefits

There are a long list of benefits for using red light therapy. However, some benefits are more popular than others.

1.Circulation Benefits

The Infared lights produce what is known as wavelengths which penetrate deep into the skin to improve blood flow in the body. If you have suffered from long term injury to a limb, then red light therapy can be a great use to improve the circulation. It’ll help to keep blood moving, which should also help to alleviate any pain.

2.Collagen Productivity

As we age, skin starts to lose its elasticity, which is because the production of collagen slows down. It means wrinkles and fine lines can start to appear, which is a major concern for many people. Red light therapy is commonly used as a form of anti-aging, it can slow down the formation of wrinkles by boosting collagen.
Commonly used in the form of a face mask, a user can put the mask on for a session, relax and allow the Infared lights to penetrate the face and increase the production of collagen.

3.Chronic Pain Reduction

Faster injury recovery
There is a strong argument that more research is needed to be carried out, but studies have shown it can reduce inflammation and lower pain. It’s been noted that a protein on the surface of a neuron can reduce its need to cause pain if it starts to absorb light.
Studies have shown that red light therapy has worked on people with chronic pain and even eased issues such as jaw ache.

4.Recovery for Athletes

Muscle & joint pain relief image
Red light therapy is common amongst athletes due to it being able to aid muscle growth. It stimulates your cells which can reduce inflammation in the muscles. It can also reduce the amount of time an athlete is out with muscles injuries, and it can help with pain management after strenuous workouts.
Many specialists agree with the benefits and its clear why it has become a popular use in athletes' recovery. There is still more need for scientific research to correctly establish the right amount of wavelength to use and how to correctly apply it to the muscle.

5.Thicker Hair



As red light therapy helps to improve blood circulation, another positive effect of this is that it can aid hair growth. It does this by decreasing any inflammation and improving blood flow, which allows hair follicles to be opened to oxygen.
Regular sessions can reduce the chance of hair loss due to the hair becoming both thicker and denser and therefore healthier.

6.Mental Well-Being

One key benefit coming from red light therapy is its positive effect on mental well-being. Red light therapy’s ability to boost blood flow can also help to boost a positive mood as it allows more oxygen to enter the brain.

Studies have also shown that the color sensitive receptor for red light, also known as melanopsin, can improve our mood when shown a red light. The reason behind this is that melanopsin naturally occurs in our brains, so when we are shown more, it helps to give our mental-wellbeing a much-needed boost.

As red light therapy is a quite literally showing our brains a red light, it can help to reduce anxiety, stress and lower our heart rate.


Another use of red light therapy is to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. The red light targets your problem area by helping to increase the blood flow. It alleviates any symptoms by penetrating deep into the skin.
Red light therapy helps to minimize symptoms and redness by regulating the growth of abnormal cells and reduce inflammation from the psoriasis.

8.Red Light Therapy

red therapy light 300 model image
There are little risks when it comes to using red light therapy however, as with many medical treatments there can be side effects. It’s important to understand these and how to look after yourself while using the lamps. For example, there have been reports of burns due to misuse of a light, such as using the red light therapy for too long in one session or falling asleep during use.

9.Protect Your Eyes

There are different reports on whether red light therapy is helpful for the eyes, especially those who suffer from myopia, or whether eye protection should be worn during sessions. If you’re using a mask at home, then the lights can be extremely bright which can cause damage to the eyes.

To prevent any retinal damage, you may want to invest in blackout goggles, particularly if you plan to use red light therapy on a long-term basis.

10.Skin Burns

As previously discussed, misuse of red light therapy can result in skin burns. You should be conscious to not fall asleep during a session, especially if you’re using the light at home. Also make sure that you’re not exceeding the recommended usage time of your red light therapy. Sessions should usually last between twenty to thirty minutes.


While there have not been any proven studies that you shouldn’t use red light therapy while pregnant, choosing to use it would be a personal choice. If you do have worries then you can always consult your doctor before use.

12.Other Negative Effects

Overuse or misuse of red light therapy can come with negative effects attached. These include skin irritations such as red skin, itchiness, dry skin, crusty skin, blistering and hyperpigmentation. These side effects are considered extremely rare and should not occur if you’re using the light in the wrong way. If you are unsur on how to use a red light therapy mask or lamp at home, then you can consult a professional on the best way to use it.

Where to Buy

There are numerous options of where you can purchase a red light therapy lamp or mask from. You have the option of online retailers, wellness stores, directly from the manufacturer’s website or from a healthcare professional.

You can find a variety of sizes for a red light therapy lamp available on Bewellfinder. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a smaller handheld lamp which is the YLM Max 150 or go up in size to the largest lamp which is the YLM Max 1100. The handheld option is perfect if you want to use red light therapy for your face, while the larger option will allow it to cover the whole of your body, making it a great option if you suffer from chronic pain.

Other places to purchase include healthcare professionals. If you need more advice on how to use red light therapy or how it works, then purchasing it directly from a healthcare professional will also give you piece of mind.

If you would prefer to try before you commit to purchasing a red light therapy lamp, then there are also spa options where you can purchase time slots. While this may not be so cost effective in the long run, it will help to determine whether red light therapy works for you before making an investment in a lamp.

While red light therapy is still a new method used to treat various health and cosmetic treatments, there have already been notable benefits around using it. Before you sit down and have your first session, it can be normal to have doubts about the whole process. Afterall, it doesn’t seem accurate that a red light can help to alleviate chronic pain or work against aging.

It’s a new power of science that seems to be doing wonders to those who choose to give it a go. Whether you’re suffering from psoriasis, a sports injury, or want to give your brain a mental boost, why not try out red light therapy and see for yourself the wonders it beholds?


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